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PMID vs PMCID: What’s the Difference?

 PubMed is an index of biomedical literature. A PMID, also known as a PubMed reference number, is a number assigned by the NIH National Library of Medicine to articles indexed in PubMed. PubMed Central is an archive of full-text journal articles. The National Library of Medicine assigns a PMCID, also known as a PMC identifier, to every full-text article in PubMed Central.

To comply with the Public Access Policy, anyone submitting an inquiry, proposal, or report to NIH must include a PMCID when citing applicable articles of which they are the author or which arise from their research funded by the NIH. NIH. If it is useful to remember, consider the C in PMCID to indicate public access policy compliance.

While all abstracts appearing in PubMed are automatically assigned a PMID, NIH fellows may need to take steps to obtain a PMCID.

Remember that you must ensure that articles comply with the public access policy as soon as the article is accepted for publication. Try this interactive wizard to determine if your item falls within the policy, how to bring it into compliance, and how to report it to NIH. We urge you to develop your public access plan as you write your article!