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List of neuroscience journals: Scopus, SCI

List of neuroscience journals: Scopus, SCI

This blog post aims to provide a list of neuroscience journals. The journals are indexed in UGC CARE, Scopus, and SCI with an impact factor.

There are more than 300 neuroscience research journals indexed in Scopus. However, we are providing the top 100 neuroscience journals in this post.

List of Top Neuroscience Journals Indexed in Scopus, SCI

The top 100 neuroscience journals are listed based on their CiteScore. To check the impact factor, you can visit https://journalsearches.com.

S. No.Journal TitleCiteScorePublisher
1Nature Neuroscience40.1Springer Nature
2The Lancet Psychiatry37.8Elsevier
3Nature Reviews Neurology35.5Springer Nature
4Progress in Retinal and Eye Research33.7Elsevier
5Nature Reviews Neuroscience33.0Springer Nature
6Trends in Cognitive Sciences29.3Elsevier
8Acta Neuropathologica24.5Springer Nature
9Annual Review of Neuroscience21.7Annual Reviews Inc.
10Biological Psychiatry21.5Elsevier
11Molecular NeurodegenerationOpen Access21.1Springer Nature
12Trends in Neurosciences20.5Elsevier
13Molecular Psychiatry19.5Springer Nature
14Nature Human Behaviour19.2Springer Nature
15Sleep Medicine Reviews18.5Elsevier
16Alzheimer’s and Dementia18.0Wiley-Blackwell
17EMBO Journal17.8Wiley-Blackwell
18Brain, Behavior, and Immunity17.6Elsevier
19Annals of Neurology16.8Wiley-Blackwell
20Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology16.4Elsevier
21Progress in Neurobiology15.5Elsevier
22PLoS BiologyOpen Access14.9Public Library of Science
23Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences14.3Springer Nature
24Ageing Research Reviews14.2Elsevier
26Cell Death and DiseaseOpen Access13.5Springer Nature
27Journal of NeuroinflammationOpen Access13.4Springer Nature
28Movement Disorders13.3Wiley-Blackwell
29Neural Networks13.1Elsevier
30Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience12.8Les Laboratoires Servier
32Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews12.8Elsevier
33Brain StimulationOpen Access12.6Elsevier
34Current Opinion in Neurobiology12.5Elsevier
35Translational NeurodegenerationOpen Access12.0Springer Nature
36Current Neuropharmacology11.7Bentham
37Current Biology11.6Elsevier
38eLifeOpen Access11.6eLife Sciences Publications
39General PsychiatryOpen Access11.6BMJ Publishing Group
40NeuroImageOpen Access11.2Elsevier
41Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology11.1Wiley-Blackwell
42Molecular Neurobiology11.0Springer Nature
43Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging10.7Elsevier
44Pain10.6Wolters Kluwer Health
45Acta neuropathologica communicationsOpen Access10.5Springer Nature
46Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism10.5SAGE
47Brain PathologyOpen Access10.4Wiley-Blackwell
48Neurobiology of DiseaseOpen Access10.4Elsevier
50Translational Stroke Research10.3Springer Nature
51Developmental Cognitive NeuroscienceOpen Access10.2Elsevier
52Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences10.0Wiley-Blackwell
53International Journal of Stroke10.0SAGE
54Molecular AutismOpen Access10.0Springer Nature
55Alzheimer’s Research and TherapyOpen Access9.8Springer Nature
57Multiple Sclerosis Journal9.6SAGE
59Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry9.5Elsevier
60Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports9.4Springer Nature
61Developmental Science9.4Wiley-Blackwell
62Therapeutic Advances in Neurological DisordersOpen Access9.4SAGE
63Cognitive Systems Research9.3Elsevier
64Fluids and Barriers of the CNSOpen Access9.3Springer Nature
65Frontiers in Molecular NeuroscienceOpen Access9.3Frontiers Media S.A.
66Journal of Abnormal Psychology9.3APA
67Neural DevelopmentOpen Access9.1Springer Nature
68Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences9.1Wiley-Blackwell
69Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology9.0Springer Nature
70Current Opinion in Neurology9.0Wolters Kluwer Health
71DMM Disease Models and MechanismsOpen Access9.0The Company of Biologists Ltd.
72npj Parkinson’s DiseaseOpen Access9.0Springer Nature
73Brain InformaticsOpen Access8.9Springer Nature
74Journal of NeuroImmune Pharmacology8.9Springer Nature
75Cerebral Cortex8.7Oxford University Press
76Experimental Neurology8.7Elsevier
77Open BiologyOpen Access8.7The Royal Society
78Psychiatry Research8.7Elsevier
79Bipolar Disorders8.6Wiley-Blackwell
80Cognitive Computation8.6Springer Nature
81Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology8.6Wiley-Blackwell
82Translational PsychiatryOpen Access8.5Springer Nature
83British Journal of Ophthalmology8.4BMJ Publishing Group
84Frontiers in Cellular NeuroscienceOpen Access8.4Frontiers Media S.A.
85Journal of Neural Engineering8.4Institute of Physics Publishing
86Nutritional Neuroscience8.4Taylor & Francis
87Human Brain MappingOpen Access8.3Wiley-Blackwell
88Journal of Pain8.3Elsevier
89NeurophotonicsOpen Access8.3SPIE
90Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences8.2Elsevier
91Network NeuroscienceOpen Access8.2MIT Press
92Neurobiology of Aging8.2Elsevier
93NeuroImage: ClinicalOpen Access8.2Elsevier
94Acta Neuropsychiatrica8.1Cambridge University Press
95AJOB Neuroscience8.1Taylor & Francis
96Clinical Autonomic Research8.1Springer Nature
97Frontiers in NeuroinformaticsOpen Access8.1Frontiers Media S.A.
98IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering8.1IEEE
99Reviews in the Neurosciences8.1Walter de Gruyter
100Developmental Neurobiology8.0Wiley-Blackwell
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