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Canadian Science Publishing

Canadian Science Publishing


Canadian Science Publishing is an independent, not-for-profit scholarly publisher dedicated to serving the needs of researchers and their communities.

Canadian Science Publishing (CSE -Éditions Sciences Canada ) is an independent, not-for-profit Canadian organization that is a leader in mobilizing scientific knowledge to make it easy to discover, use and share. As the largest publisher of scientific journals of international significance in Canada, ESCs work to strengthen the integrity, relevance, reach and impact of vital knowledge and research in Canada and around the world.

At present, ESC owns and publishes 24 international journals, distributed in more than 175 countries, and provides publishing services to 15 other journals. Featuring content from a global community of researchers, ESC publications rely on a team of internationally renowned editors and reviewers. The journals cover a wide range of disciplines in science and engineering with a focus on the basic and applied sciences. As precursors in the publication of open access interdisciplinary journals, ESCs connect researchers from a variety of fields, enabling them to contribute to the resolution of important global issues.